About Us

Cancer is not contagious, but it grips the lives of every person in the household. Established in 2015 as a 501c3 nonprofit, SisterHermana exists to assist families in active treatment in Jacksonville and surrounding counties in meaningful and impactful ways.

Utilizing our coalition of partners who give monetarily or via in-kind donations, the Foundation assists those we serve with everyday life essentials unrelated to medical needs. Assistance varies from housing and utility payments, food, and those pesky unexpected home repairs. Seasonally, aid may include paying fees for graduating seniors, purchasing prom attire, buying Christmas toys, or providing holiday meals.

The Foundation is also passionate about and dedicated to the cause of promoting cancer prevention and awareness education. Monthly, the Foundation’s Cancer Prevention and Awareness Crusaders (CPAC) mobilizes and deploy into communities with the highest incidence of significantly late diagnosis and mortality rates. Once in communities, we deliver information about cancer, its signs and symptoms, and resources for screenings to those who may be uninsured. We are committed to a path of prevention that we will see through one neighborhood at a time. This effort makes us unique among other cancer-serving organizations because we are the only ones with prevention action that’s door to door.

One door at a time. One community event at a time.

Our Mission

To support those in active cancer treatment in meaningful and impactful ways as well as educate the community about various types of cancers and their associated signs and symptoms.

Our Pilar of Services:

Our Core Values

Empathy, Compassion, Stewardship, and Integrity

These are the philosophies and principles that guide our internal conduct, which drives our mission, vision, and interaction with those we serve and those who trust us with their financial support.