Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhuman.
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
SisterHermana employs a wide range of activities to share information with the community utilizing its board and volunteers. Local events like health fairs, neighborhood festivals, and other community events allow us to partner with similarly aligned organizations, raise awareness, and share the Foundation's work.

In addition to these tabling events, SisterHermana thrives due to its grassroots expertise. We conduct door-to-door canvassing campaigns to educate underserved communities about cancer and distribute health care and health history surveys. We also seek support for Medicaid expansion and other cancer-related issues via petitions.

The Foundation also uses phone banks to recruit volunteers and follow-up with clients. Other outreach efforts focus on supporting individuals managing their own or a family member's cancer diagnosis, including social media, home, and hospital visits. SisterHermana also engages in various advocacy activities with other like-minded organizations supporting Medicaid expansion support, climate change and the environment, legislative lobbying, letter writing, canvassing, and voter registration.

Community Outreach

Our COVID 19 Response

Bringing value to the community during the pandemic
COVID-19 disrupted our door-to-door efforts to have conversations with our neighbors about various types of cancers and their associated signs and symptoms. We knew that it was important for medical professionals and essential workers to show up during this scary and unprecedented time. Still, it was equally crucial for nonprofits such as ours to share in the responsibility of being on the frontline. In March of 2020, the SisterHermana Foundation shifted our outreach efforts to serve the community as a whole by partnering with agencies and faith-based organizations to host Drive-Thru Grocery Give-Aways. We’ve fed more than 6,000 families and counting. We distributed 15,000 masks throughout Northeast Florida. We organized two events for those who live in Hard to Count Zones to complete the 2020 Census and organized two COVID testing events.

Cancer OutreachCancer has not stopped because COVID has started. We can’t afford to stop; there are too many lives at stake. The SisterHerman Foundation has continued to promote cancer awareness by ensuring everyone who comes through the line for food receives a cancer education bag. We had to modify our canvass only to include literature at the door void of one-on-one conversations.