It's often said that early detection is key to surviving cancer, but how can you detect a symptom if you don't know it?

Taking it to the Street 4 Life

Taking It To The Streets For LifeS isterHermana advocates promoting cancer awareness to reduce exposure to cancer risk factors and ensure that people have the information and support they need to adopt healthy lifestyles. Monthly, the Foundation's Cancer Prevention and Awareness Crusaders (CPAC) mobilizes and deploy into communities with the highest incidence of significantly late diagnosis and mortality rates. Once in communities, we deliver information about cancer, its signs and symptoms, and resources for screenings to those who may be uninsured.

We are concerned that our neighbors are dying of various types of cancers for many reasons. One such reason is a lack of insurance, causing a diagnosis in the late stages when the prognosis is poor. This situation limits access to quality care.

Cancer Indicators

In our city, according to the 2019 UF Health Jacksonville – CHNA Report, Duval County deaths from an Incidence of Cancer are higher than the State.

In zip code, 32206 death by breast cancer is twice as high as the State of Florida average. In three Duval County zip codes – two urban (32208 & 32209) and one rural (32234) - death from Colorectal Cancer is twice as high as Florida's average. Source: UF Health Jacksonville Community Needs Assessment. Pages 73-78

Taking It To The Streets 4 LifeThese statistics are unacceptable to us, and that's why we take to the streets to meet people where they are. Our strategy is straightforward. We believe that we can spark conversations between family members about health history by placing educational materials by medical professionals directly into their hands. After reading the materials at their leisure, those who may be experiencing signs will schedule appointments for screenings with the resources we leave behind if they are uninsured.

This effort makes us unique among other cancer-serving organizations because we are the only ones with an action to prevention that's door to door. We are committed to a path of prevention that we will see it through. One neighborhood at a time. One door at a time. One community event at a time.

Cancer Awareness Street Team

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    Target Zip Codes
    Health Zone 1: 32202, 32204, 32206, 32208, 32254
    Health Zone 4: 32209, 32218, 32219, 32220, 32226, 32234
    Health Zone 5: 32210, 32221, 32215, 32222
    Source: Place Matters 2013 Florida Department of Health,
    Duval County Public Health Statistics, Assessment and Research
    In Memory of: Horace N. Glover, Sr.