Veronica Glover, a native of Jacksonville, was raised in what is now called Jacksonville's Urban Core. Glover believes there is nothing more important than family, educating our children, and serving the community. Glover has always been a community advocate. Her earliest civic engagement activity is when she and some friends organized a group called "C.A.U.S.E" Citizen Association United for Social Equality" in 1987. The group's focus was on funding for public schools in the local African American communities.

Glover then worked with after-school programs such as the Boys and Girls Club and Community Connections of Jacksonville as a site director and a family support worker for Healthy Families. These programs gave Glover further insight into the financial hardships and emotional struggles our families face and the importance of such programs for working families.

With the assistance of her parent advisory boards, Veronica was able to assist with needs such as gas cards or bus tickets for parents to get to work, food to cover the gap to the next payday, and keeping the lights on. After being diagnosed with and surviving Breast Cancer in 2012, Glover became an advocate for breast health and early detection. Then the specter of cancer made a dramatic reappearance in Glover's life in April 2014 when her husband, Horace Nathaniel Glover Sr., was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer. Unfortunately, he succumbed on October 6, 2014, at the age of 49. Like so many others, Veronica's husband lost his life to a form of cancer that, if detected early, is curable.

In 2015, Glover founded and became Executive Director of The SisterHermana Foundation, Inc. (SHF). Veronica is committed to fighting for those with cancer on the other side of research by creating a framework for an organization dedicated to supporting the cancer community. SisterHermana provides services that are culturally transcendent, family-driven, and youth inclusive.

Utilizing skills learned as a field organizer for the Coordinated Campaign for Obama for America in 2008 & 2012 and the Hillary Clinton Campaign in 2016, Glover created the Taking it to the Streets for Life Campaign (T.I.T.T.S.). The campaign engages our neighbors at their door for cancer awareness.

Glover holds an Associate of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration from Anthem College. She is a member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Democratic Women's Information Network, National Nonprofit Minority Association. She is also a lifetime member of the NAACP, when, in 2018, Veronica received the Willye F. Clayton Dennis Civic Engage Award.

Rodney Johnson
Rodney Johnson Perseverance and altruism; choice words befitting Rodney Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a byproduct of Jacksonville’s north side and a graduate of Florida State University. A Bachelor of Science degree was conferred upon him in rehabilitative services with a concentration in psychology. Mr. Johnson quickly put his erudition to good use and became a multi-Unit Director with The Boys and Girls Club. He was charged with everything from overseeing associates, fundraising, and safety to academics. He even developed an Afrocentric studies program. This initiated the first Boys and Girls Club Brain Brawl contest. Mr. Johnson consequently received a program of excellence award from the Florida Area Council for his cultural enrichment program.

Being an avid athlete himself, Mr. Johnson decided to introduce a girls-only sports program to the Boys and Girls Club. Once Mr. Johnson experienced teaching the young girls to play sports; in particular flag football, the torch was lit. Mr. Johnson, affectionately known as Coach J to his players, went on to develop and cultivate his own flag football team. Through his passion for flag football and winning, Rod Johnson was a USFTL Hall of Fame Inductee. He is an FHSAA certified coach, and the first recipient of the Porter Wilson award for girls’ flag football (2000).

After much success with the Boys and Girls Club and beyond, Rod received the Employee of the Year award and was a recipient of the Jacksonville Children’s Commission Award for program excellence. Mr. Johnson’s community involvement, volunteerism, and full service to his career spanned well over thirty-five years. Mr. Johnson remains committed to helping and giving and is selfless in his pursuits.

Pat McCollough
Pat McColloughPat is a Florida Native, a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Education and a retired United States Marine Corps Command Sergeant Major. After graduating from UF, Pat taught several years in the Florida public school system before joining the Marine Corps where she served successfully for 25 years prior to retiring. While serving in the Marine Corps, Pat was noted for being one of the first women to serve in a top leadership position aboard a naval vessel where she led Marines into a conflict zone. She retired highly decorated to include the Volunteer Service Medal for her civic work in the civilian community while serving on active duty the United States and abroad.

After retirement from the military, Pat became an entrepreneur and opened a local printing and desktop publishing storefront. She served in the community as a Toys for Tots coordinator, a community service site for returning citizens to perform community service hours and served on the Chamber of Commerce board. Pat returned to teaching for a short period of time before becoming involved in politics.

She organized the first Florida grassroots group for Senator Obama in Alachua County and surrounding counties in 2007. After that, she became a volunteer, was transitioned to an intern position and then quickly hired as a paid staff for Obama for America as a field organizer. She was able to mobilize over 100 volunteers, train neighborhood team leaders and supervise the largest volunteer field office in North Florida.

Pat continues her work as Statewide Civic Engagement Director with Bring It Home Florida. She works closely with local organizations and faith leaders, organizes press conferences and community events, supervises staff and volunteers and runs a robust data program. Pat’s main focus is training leaders, developing youth and building coalition partnerships.

Pat is known for her training skills, being people focused, data driven and mission oriented. Currently Pat works with many local organizations in Northeast Florida. In Jacksonville she serves on the board of Sister Hermana Foundation Inc., on the Steering Committee with Northside Coalition of Jacksonville and is the Vice President of Women’s March Jacksonville. She is also a member of the National Diversity Council.

Kimberly Miller
Kimberly MillerKimberly currently serves as the Director of government relations for Duval County public schools (DCPS). She drives legislative strategy for the School district locally as well as the state and federal levels. Before her work with DCPS, Kimberly was the legislative aide to Mia L. Jones, House, District 14.

Before returning to her hometown in 2014, Kimberly has an extensive career in Washington where she served as an Obama appointee to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The first agency established since 1973 with the sole purpose consumer financial markets works for consumers, responsible providers, and the economy as a whole. Kimberly also served as a legislative representative to Communications Workers of America, a national labor organization for public and private employment sectors.

Kimberly began her political career on the Gore/Lieberman recount committee in 2000 in Tallahassee. She has worked on political and issue-based campaigns for over 20 years. Her campaign experience has permeated her career and she has worked on local, state, and national campaigns.

Kimberly is a proud graduate from the FSU College of Criminology and Law School. She studied trade law at Georgetown University and currently pursuing an educational leadership certificate from Harvard University College of Business and Graduate Education.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Kimberly volunteers her time on the board of the North Florida Office of the Public Guardian and SisterHermana. She serves in her local Seminole club as well as the FSU National Black Alumni Board as Jacksonville Representative.

Tiffany Maddox
Tiffany MaddoxTiffany Maddox works as SisterHermana's Communications Director, providing her journalism expertise to SisterHermana newsletters, social media, and other correspondence. Tiffany has also lent a helping hand by shooting videos at events. She enjoys being able to do what she loves while promoting SisterHermana's mission. Tiffany has lived in Jacksonville since 2007 but is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She attended Eastern Michigan University, where she earned her Bachelors in Journalism and recently earned her Masters in Health Communication from Lasell University. Currently, Tiffany is the Morning News Anchor and Reporter for WBKB-TV in Michigan. She hopes to work her way back to Jacksonville on a TV screen near you!