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June 4, 2017
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Once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, they still have to contend with their daily living activities. Time has to be divided between providing for the family, maintaining the home, and financing treatment, all while managing the side effects of chemotherapy.

The SisterHermana Foundation, recognizes there is no one size fits all strategy in caring for those being treated for this cancer.  Therefore, to better serve we empower those fighting for their lives to tell us their individual needs. With the assistance of the survivors, supporters, donors and volunteers who we refer to as the Village Keepers, deliver a system of care specifically tailored to meet their request.

The journey on the road to recovery is extensive and expensive. The Village donates services for children with hair care maintenance, tutoring, school supplies and Christmas presents.  Our Horace Glover Scholarship covers the cost of fees associated with graduation such as prom tickets, prom attire, Grad night, and yearbooks for high school seniors. Other partners provide services and goods such as: electrical and plumbing repair, meals, utility assistance, oil changes, etc.